Catch Basin Cleaners


Stetco’s Catch Basin Cleaner’s clean large volumes of heavy, abrasive, and cumbersome debris from stormwater structures and other collection points. When you factor in cost, capabilities, and water conservation the Catch Basin Cleaners are a valuable tool to tackle operations that vac-trucks alone cannot. At less than half the cost, Stetco machines make short work of cleaning jobs that can impede, clog, or damage vac-trucks. It’s about finding the right tool for your job, as mission-critical stormwater assets can provide a depth and breadth of cleaning capabilities necessary in complex urban stormwater infrastructure. The machines support vac-trucks in such environments.

Stetco 920SP

  • Mounts on 19,500 - 22,500 lb GVWR Truck
  • 14’ Hydraulic Outreach
  • 5 - 5.5 Cubic Yard Stainless Steel Debris Body
  • 35’ Digging Depth

Stetco 950 Series

  • Mounts on Minimum 33,000 lb GVWR Chassis
  • Up to 15’ Hydraulic Outreach
  • 5- 8 Cubic Yard Stainless Steel Debris Body
  • Available Digging Depths Up to 100’ Below Ground

Stetco 950 Hook Series

  • Mounts on Hook Lift Skid for Fleet Versatility;
  • Multi-Uses of Chassis for Cost Savings
  • Up to 15’ Hydraulic Outreach
  • 5 Cubic Yard Stainless Steel Debris Body
  • 35’ Digging Depth

Stetco Combination Machine

  • Stetco 950 Series
  • 5 Cubic Yard Stainless Steel Debris Body
  • High Pressure, Low Volume Jetting System to Handle Lateral up to 18” Diameter
  • Up to 4000 PSI at 12 GPM Through ½” Jetting Hose
  • 300 Gallon Tank
  • 300’ of Jetting Hose Reel on Hydraulically Extendable, Rotatable Turntable


Sewer Equipment Co. of America introduces the Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner truck. The 900-CB ECO utilizes proven technologies to deliver a machine with a simplicity that is unequaled in the combo jet vac truck industry. As with our leading 747 ECO trailer jet and 800-HPR ECO truck jet, the Model 900-CB ECO operating platform offers the best in class fuel efficiency and noise reduction for operator safety. Sewer Equipment: Best Products, Best Local Support.

It all starts with our patented “Hydro Drive” powertrain system. The Hydro Drive powers the pump and blower in addition to the auxiliary hydraulic systems. When you are ready to work, simply put the truck in neutral and apply the parking brake and exit the cab while the combo truck remains in neutral and power is taken directly from the chassis engine, assuring operator safety during operation, as there is no transfer case to slip into gear.

The Model 900-CB ECO was designed with an intentional lack of integration between the module and the chassis. There is only one integration that exists; the OEM throttle control port. This lack of integration eliminates problems caused by CANbus communication issues, typically experienced with competitor designs.

Whether choosing your next combo truck based on productivity, reliability, safety, overall value, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, or any combination of these traits, the choice is simple: the Model 900-CB ECO.

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