Inspection Accessories

Laser Pipe Profiler

In dry pipes, the Laser Profiler system allows you to get extremely accurate pipeline measurements. The system projects a laser ring on the pipe wall which is recorded for data analysis. A sophisticated suite of software tools are available to work with the data you capture to give you exactly what you need. This tool is perfect for testing deflection or erosion in new and old pipes.

ARGO Camera Raft

If you work in large partially-filled sanitary lines, the ARGO Camera Raft is the perfect accessory for you. Designed specifically for your RapidView IBAK system and formed out of high-strength ABS plastic, the ARGO keeps you above water and protects the camera system. There are two camera mounts to choose from. You can use a mounting bracket which accepts a standard KKD Adapter or a larger mount which accepts the standard Camera Base Mount from a T76/T86, allowing you to use a light ring.

Overturn Protection Outriggers

If you work in oval pipe – this accessory is a must! The outriggers help keep the tractor in the center of the pipeline and prevent tip overs which can damage equipment. These systems are available for the T76 and PANORAMO Systems. They also work when used with the LISY Lateral Launch attachment.

T76/T86 “Horse” Height Attachment

This large attachment adds considerable height and weight to the system. This makes sure you are up out of the water while maintaining a low center of gravity. The large attachment includes additional weight which hangs below the carriage. The large attachment is the same for both the T76 and T86 tractors, but requires different mounting brackets.

T66 “Horse” Height Attachment

The T66 attachment increases the unit’s height and weight, turning the incredibly small, yet powerful T66 tractor into a system capable of inspecting 12″ (300mm) pipelines and larger.

Temperature Sensor

This unique sensor attaches to the rear of the tractor and allows the user to measure the temperature at the sensor remotely. The sensor can be used to discover the presence of inflow since groundwater is cooler than the effluent in the pipeline.

RETRUS HD Reverse Camera

Most of our systems are synchronized to make sure that you do not back over your cable while retrieving, but occasionally it is helpful to have a rear-facing view when returning to the manhole. The RETRUS HD automatically changes your view in full digital HD resolution when the system is reversed allowing you to avoid dangers on the return trip.

Rolling Skid for ORION/NANO

The rolling skid for ORION and NANO cameras centers and protects the camera during push operations. The roller system reduces friction and increases push distance in 6″ (150mm) pipes.

CERBERUS Manned-Entry Camera

Manned-entry inspections are challenging, but occasionally necessary. The CERBERUS camera allows you to conduct these inspections quickly and safely using your existing drum, cable, and controller. The CERBERUS features laser measurement, zoom, and two ultra-bright LED lights. The camera cable serves as an added tether to increase safety, and bi-directional microphones keep everyone in communication.

The CERBERUS will require an extension kit. Which kit you need will depend upon your specific system configuration. Please contact your Dawson Infrastructure Solutions Local Dealer to help choose the correct kit.

Upper Deflection Pulley

If you occasionally have to set up off the road or any distance from the inspection vehicle, you simply must have an upper deflection pulley. This pulley converts the lateral force exerted onto the cable, turning into vertical force which allows your synchronized KW 305 or KW 505 to operate effectively. This simple attachment protects the cable, reduces the strain on the entire system, and helps you travel greater distances in the pipeline!

Winch Foot Control

Protect your equipment from damage by making sure you have both hands available when lowering the inspection system into the manhole. This durable foot control plugs directly into KW 305.

Downhole Rollers

Operators who protect their equipment with the use of Downhole Rollers will see an increase in production and an overall reduction of repairs and maintenance costs. Rollers protect the cable from cuts, reduce friction, wick water off the cable and increase the distance your system can travel down the pipeline. You wouldn’t buy a high performance car then put cheap tires on it, would you? Of course not! Protect your investment with a set of downhole rollers.

PHOBOS Cleaning Attachment

This attachment allows you to turn your LISY lateral launch system into a lateral cleaning unit. The PHOBOS nozzle propels the pushrod up into the lateral from the LISY unit, cleaning while it goes. The nozzle not only cleans, but increases the distance possible by providing more thrust. The lateral cleaning attachment is quick and easy to install, and can be used in conjunction with the large diameter kits to clean laterals in larger pipelines. If you are a contractor, you can use this accessory to add a unique service to your offering. If you are a municipality who is responsible for the laterals in your community, why not clean them as you inspect?

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