Inspection - Water

Advanced Solutions for Water Well & Borehole Inspections

Dawson offers a variety downhole video inspection systems to efficiently inspect and evaluate open and cased water wells, mine shafts, and other boreholes. We can design complete truck, trailer, portable or winch-mounted systems that are completely outfitted for immediate operation.

The portable Explorer borehole inspection system from Aries Industries monitors water wells at depths to 1200 feet. The compact and affordable system is easily operated by one person, to maintain borehole integrity and reduce costly, unnecessary repairs.

We represent the entire line of Aries dual view inspection cameras, to provide both a down-hole view and a detailed 360° continuous scan of sidewalls. The side view allows an operator to examine wall, casings, infiltration, screen, gravel pack, encrustations, deterioration, perforation blockage or other physical damage.

Contact Dawson for your deep well & borehole inspection equipment needs, including complete systems, components, vehicles, winches, lighting, accessories and more!

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