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Inspection - Vehical Mounted

Vehicle Mounted Inspection Systems – Standard, Custom & Retrofit Solutions to Match Your Requirements & Budget

Vehicle mounted sewer inspection and rehabilitation systems are known to be the most productive and easy to use systems available. Each unit is custom built, designed to meet your specific needs. Our experts draw upon extensive “real world” experience to assist in developing a design that is safe and efficient.

We represent the entire line of vehicle inspection systems from Aries Industries including their high cube, vans and trailer vehicles. Each are designed and manufactured to give you high-technology inspection system solutions.

Dawson works tirelessly from the conceptual, budgetary phase through the final customer approval of detailed drawings to ensure that all needs are met. Upon design approval, Aries Industries builds the vehicle to exact specifications. Aries Industries has long been known for building the most durable trucks and trailers in the industry.

Some example vehicles include, but are not limited to:

  • Bare bones 6’ x 12’ inspection trailer
  • Loaded 7’ x 14’ inspection trailer
  • Chemical grouting test & seal trailer
  • Cutter trailer
  • Transit inspection van
  • Sprinter inspection van
  • One-ton inspection van
  • 4×4 inspection van
  • High cube inspection truck
  • 4×4 high cube inspection van
  • High cube chemical grouting test & seal truck
  • High cube cutter truck
  • Reel mounted jet-cam

When budgets don’t allow for a brand new vehicle, our team takes an existing unit and retrofits it to have the newest technology while maximizing the use of existing assets. Refurbishing an existing vehicle may be the solution to expand the capabilities of a system by adding a lateral inspection system or reinstatement cutter.

Contact Dawson today so we can tailor an inspection solution to your requirements & budget.

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