Inspection - Rehabilitation

Best in Class Solutions to Rehabilitate Pipelines

Dawson offers proven high-performance technologies to support pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

The Wolverine® wheeled cutting system from Aries Industries enables more accurate and efficient underground lateral reinstatement operations, with rapid CIPP epoxy liner cutting while simultaneously delivering video camera imagery. This feature-rich system offers fast and efficient set-up activities extremely powerful force able to cut or grind a variety of in-line obstructions and CIPP materials. Cutter and camera functions perform simultaneously and are remote-controlled through a transmitting cable that delivers data to an aboveground workstation. The Wolverine is a great solution for customers with existing trucks, as the Dawson team can design a system to affordably retrofit your vehicle.

One of the most critical parts of sewer rehabilitation is the reconnection of the laterals after a sewer pipe has been relined. We recommend either the top of the line Wolverine® cutters or the less expensive Raptor lateral reinstatement cutters from Aries, both designed to open and reinstate waste water service laterals or water pipe after relining. These work in all types of pipelines for removing concrete, tree roots, rubber rings, metal, and all kinds of deposits. The Raptor cutters are remotely controlled, and work not only with Aries CCTV systems but can be easily integrated with competitive systems with minimal downtime.

Dawson also offers sealing and grout systems from Aries for sewer infiltration control to help prevent leaking pipes, pipe joints, and mainline / lateral connections that can cause costly damage. Infiltration of groundwater into sanitary sewers unnecessarily increases the quantity of sewage that must be handled at treatment facilities. Exfiltration of sewage from the pipe can lead to contamination of groundwater. Consider these sealing & grout systems to protect groundwater resources, reduce treatment costs, and extend the life of treatment facilities. Complete system, process and maintenance training are provided on site at time of delivery and through follow-up annual training schools by Aries and our grout system partners, Avanti International (grout supplier) and Logiball (packer manufacturer), to assist our customers in achieving their infiltration reduction targets.

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