Inspection - Lateral Advanced Solutions for Lateral Inspections

Dawson offers several flexible configurations for inspection of sewer & pipeline laterals to homes & businesses.

For municipalities and contractors, we recommend the LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television System) by Aries Industries – the most flexible and powerful lateral mainline system on the market – to perform inspections of lateral lines from the mainline without the need for access to private property. The LETS mounts on a wheeled or tread tractor drive system which moves through the mainline sewer and precisely positions the launcher opposite the connection to the lateral line being inspected. The system utilizes a fiberglass core push rod to provide rigidity in the cable to inspect and move the camera through the pipe. LETS is the recommended solution for municipal cross bore inspections, as mainline launching offers a significantly higher productivity rate.

The compact Seeker System portable color camera inspection solution from Aries works either standalone, as a companion to the LETS or integrated with your CCTV truck. The Seeker is engineered to be very user-friendly, requiring minimal maintenance in the field. The camera uses an LED lighthead providing 10,000 hours of expected use.

We also recommend the push camera solutions from Insight | VISION as affordable yet high performance lateral inspection systems. These versatile solutions offer both quality and ease of use for professional plumbers and contractors.

Contact us today so we can tailor a lateral inspection solution that matches your requirements and budget.

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