Trailer Mounted

Hydro - Trailer

Versatile Trailer Mounted Hydro Excavators with Industrial Strength Performance

Trailer-mounted hydro excavators get the job done using an affordable and compact platform while still providing the same safe, damage-free excavation performance as truck-mounted models.

Dawson offers the full series of trailer mounted hydro excavators from Ramvac, designed to meet all the needs of any operator within the industry. Ramvac’s three different industrial trailer-mounted vacuum excavation solutions offer extreme versatility, proven reliability, easy maintenance and cost savings.

Ramvac HX series trailers alleviate your worries about hitting underground infrastructure thanks to the power of high pressure water and air movement. Featuring a 3 yard debris tank, 6000 gallon high pressure water system, 200,000 BTU boiler and 1400 CFM to 3000 CFM blower capacity, these hydro excavation trailers not only have big power, but also the quality and dependability required of all field work. These models are also available with a RamAir air excavation system for when you can’t risk adding water to the problem area.

Contact Dawson today to configure the trailer mounted hydro excavation system that works best for you.

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