Hydro - Combo Sewer

Combination Sewer Cleaners – Versatile Tools for Sewer Maintenance

Combination sewer cleaners combine high-pressure water jetting with a high-flow vacuum source to scour pipes clean, then vacuum up the material responsible for blockages, to easily restore & maintain normal sewer flow. Dawson offers the Ramvac lineup of combination sewer cleaners to give you all of the versatility and durability you need in a sewer machine. You can jet sewer lines, vacuum catch basins, clean lift stations and perform many other jobs from a platform that’s designed for a hard days work.

You will appreciate the quality components built into the Ramvac line; such as tubular steel framework, pre-painted sub-assemblies, top quality diesel engines, blowers, and pumps. You will find features like our 320° rotating extendable boom and the three stage cyclonic filtration that you would typically only find on a large truck mounted combination cleaner. Other features include a 3 yard debris tank, 600 gallon water tank, 1400 to 3000 CFM blower, 40 gpm @ 2000 psi water pump, plus a versatile rotating and extendable boom to rise to the challenge of any job.

You can choose either a trailer mounted unit with an existing truck to pull it or our new hook lift combo unit so you can use your vehicle chassis for multiple roles. Contact Dawson today to configure a combination sewer cleaner that will save you money and get the job done.