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Truck Jets for Heavy Duty Sewer Cleaning

Truck jets are heavy duty vehicle-mounted, high-pressure water jetting systems for keeping municipal sewers, sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainage lines clean and free flowing. For industrial strength sewer cleaning applications, Dawson Infrastructure Solutions represents the full line of truck jets manufactured by the Sewer Equipment Company of America.

The top of the line 800-HPRTV Truck Jet is equipped with the innovative and unique umbilical cord – this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable. This unit also comes with patented telescoping / rotating / pivoting hose reels. When in operation, the rear roll-up door opens and the hose reels telescope out of the heated rear compartment and then pivot 190 degrees for maximum access to difficult to reach manholes.

For many clients, we recommend the 747 FR2000TV Truck Jet as a smaller and less expensive model. It can be mounted on a smaller vehicle and does not require a CDL on most configurations. This is a great solution for emergency response applications. It doesn’t offer the heated enclosure of 800 model, but the small vehicle profile and lower height are also convenient for shops that do not have taller garage doors. This system combine two machines — high pressure sewer cleaning and color television inspection of sewer lines — into an all-in-one solution.

Most Sewer Equipment models feature hydraulic fluid jetting as well as environmentally friendly performance. We can also configure combination jet / vacuum cleaners, as well as dedicated jetters for the Vaporooter ®Root Foaming System.

Dawson also represents the full line of Mongoose Jetters, which offer an even smaller and less expensive system that also does not require a CDL. These models are a recommended solution for many commercial contractors and smaller municipalities, typically for small diameter pipe applications and emergency response. The Mongoose 184 is the most popular model, featuring 300-600 gallon tank options, high pressure and low flow. These are available in both enclosed and open truck configurations.

Please contact Dawson today to tailor the vehicle-mounted cleaning solution that works best for you.

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