Cleaning - Rodders

Mechanical Rodders for the Most Demanding Cleaning Jobs

A hydraulically driven, mechanical rodder will break through line blockages, cut roots and scour even the toughest caked-on debris from pipeline walls without using a drop of water.  Dawson represents the full line of continuous & sectional rodders manufactured by the Sewer Equipment Company of America.

Rodders excel at clearing roots and other obstructions, climbing long or extreme grades, and cleaning in temperatures below freezing.

We can configure both truck-mounted and trailer-mounted mechanical rodders with either manual or automatic controls. The latter option automatically retrieves the rod and tool when an excessive obstruction is encountered. The rod and tool reverse and automatically stop to preserve the condition of the rod.

For the most demanding applications, we configure mechanical rodders to take care of the toughest jobs.

Please contact Dawson today to configure the rodder cleaning system that works best for you.

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