Your Source for High Performance Nozzles

High pressure water-blasting nozzles deliver directed water streams from the jetting unit to the surface you are cleaning. Nozzles with forward jets are designed to penetrate pipe blockages, thus allowing the rear jets to further remove blockages. Nozzles with all rear jets are used to scour clean restricted pipes to removed debris or scale. Rotary or spinning nozzles are the ultimate pipeline cleaning nozzle with the water stream covering the entire pipe wall surface.

Dawson Infrastructure Solutions stocks a wide variety of standard and high-efficiency nozzles for sewer & drain cleaning, hydro excavation and other industrial applications. If we don’t stock a particular nozzle, we can usually order it for you.

Our inventory includes:

  • USB-SEC sewer cleaning nozzles with Advanced Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics
  • Stoneage Warthog nozzles
  • Mongoose jetters
  • Forward & rear jet nozzles
  • Whirlaway nozzles
  • Chain and tap cutter nozzles
  • Vacuum excavator assemblies & nozzles, including chisel & turbo styles
  • High pressure jetting gun nozzles
  • Nozzle extensions

If you have any questions about any nozzles or related accessories, please contact Dawson today and one of our many product experts will be happy to guide you toward the right match for your particular application.

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